360° Film Production



Jaunt one cinematic VR camera and the M-series remote dollie system: Dartmoor, Devon, UK

Kandao Obsidian R and the Alta 6 heavy lift UAV:

Scottish Highlands, UK

Kandao Obsidian R and the Agito robotic dollie system:

BBC, Blue Peter Garden,

Salford, UK

Jaunt one cinematic VR camera and heavy weight cable cam system:

BBC, NHU, Central Malaysia

3D Capture



Timelapse filming creates truly fantastic promotional and creative content. From documenting construction and engineering projects to capturing the passing of the stars, it provides a unique overview of man-made and natural events. With over a decade of experience in timelapse production, whether you require long term timelapse cameras or short term creative timelapse shoots contact now to discuss how best to cover your project.


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