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Transport your viewers directly to your scene and bring them closer to your story than ever before.


We have been at the forefront of immersive content production as it's developed over the past decade. From 360° virtual tours and gigapixel imaging to 3D 360° video capture.

We have a full range of professional 360° video cameras with the ability to shoot at super high resolution and frame rates. Not only can we help you create beautiful cinematic content, but also future proof your content for the ever evolving consumer market. Contact now to find out more about iMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS 360° video production.

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360° Film Production



We love moving cameras!


iMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS have experienced, official operators of Motion Impossible's ground breaking Agito and M-series robotic dolly systems. 

We can of course also take you into the air! 

With highly skilled, CAA licensed pilots with a wide selection of standard and heavy lift UAVs. We can take your audience into the sky with confidence.


If it's cable moves you need then we've got you covered. We also have experienced riggers for cable-cam setups as well as the ability to provide extreme location access and safety cover. Contact now to see how we can help move your next project forward.

Jaunt one cinematic VR camera and the M-series remote dollie system: Dartmoor, Devon, UK

Kandao Obsidian R and the Alta 6 heavy lift UAV:

Scottish Highlands, UK

Kandao Obsidian R and the Agito robotic dollie system:

BBC, Blue Peter Garden,

Salford, UK

Jaunt one cinematic VR camera and heavy weight cable cam system:

BBC, NHU, Central Malaysia

3D Capture


We capture the world!

Whether it's laser scanning and point cloud visualisation or photogrammetry (using stills photography to recreate real world assets as 3D digital Models) 3D assets can be used for a multitude of applications. From project planning and management, training and interpretation to film, gaming and more. The uses for this exciting digital content are limited only by your imagination. 

At the heart of all of iMMERSIVE ENVIRONMENTS content is a passion for producing high impact imagery. 3D capture is not only a fantastic example of this but it can also have valuable practical applications. Contact now to see how we can help you bring your latest project ideas to the world in 3D.



Timelapse filming creates truly fantastic promotional and creative content. From documenting construction and engineering projects to capturing the passing of the stars, it provides a unique overview of man-made and natural events. With over a decade of experience in timelapse production, whether you require long term timelapse cameras or short term creative timelapse shoots contact now to discuss how best to cover your project.


 previous project include



Bristol VR Lab
Leadworks, Anchor Square
Bristol, BS1 5DB


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